The Mission

"Having come through the dark tunnel of terminal illness, I now live each day in the pursuit of real connections that lead to the living of a fuller, more meaningful life. I strive to view my wife and children with wonder at how incredible they are and how precious our time together is, rather than taking even a single second for granted. I work hard each day to be in the moment so that I can help my clients achieve peace of mind in the knowledge that they have a trusted advisor who cares for them on a personal level and can help them realize their dreams through planning and preparation. With my coaching, I seek to change the world one child at a time — reaching beyond the soccer game to inspire them to meet the challenges of the bigger game of life. Because there’s never a good day to get cancer, I raise awareness and motivate others to move forward after adversity understand the power of our words and grasp the concept of true recognize the power of an effective plan...and to find the endurance to transform their lives."