So who's this Coach Fred guy?

Looking back, Fred Schuldt was already considered by some to be an inspirational leader and gifted storyteller...traits that came in handy during his seemingly normal life of trials and triumphs as a loving family man, successful executive and admired coach. But it took the impending loss of that life to truly forge these talents — giving them purpose while giving their bearer perspective.

Like many others, Fred was forced to face cancer and its life-threatening complications...and like some others (though never enough), he survived. His decade-long story of survival recounts not only the debilitating blows of the disease and Fred's four major surgeries, but also the depression of one so sick while so young and that young man's struggle with other life challenges against the backdrop of terminal illness. Fred's experiences during his ascension from rock-bottom toward the peak of personal achievement embody the literal meaning of "life lessons".

Now with cancer in his rear-view mirror — having been beaten down with sickness and built back up with spirit — Fred channels his social and motivational skill set toward inspiring others. His mission is to arm those around him with the personal skills and inner strength to face adversity before it recognize what really matters and realize life's attainable dreams. Fred wants to share in the silver lining that his wake-up call with cancer provided, because it shouldn't take having to stare death in the face to truly begin living life to the fullest.